Which side will you choose?

With the summer holidays drawing to an end and the Autumn season fast approaching The John Barleycorn encourage you to take a moment for yourself. 

Pause you mind from the worry of school uniform orders and annual leave fot childcare. Give your self a break from those holiday blues. Don't worry if the sun hasn't been out as much as you would have liked this August! Stop panicking everytime you vsiit a store as you start to notice the summer sales and the cheeky christmas or halloween diaplays starting to pop up everywhere!

Take a deep breath and come and visit us! We do a smashing lunch and dinner menu and our specials boards are always filled with delicious choices! Give your self a break from lifes stresses and come and see us for a bite to eat. Soak up the nature and calm beautiful surroundings and recharge your batteries!

Let the biggest decision you make be today be 'what side shall I choose with my A La Carte meal'.  let me assure you, they all taste amazing so you cant go wrong!