What sauce do you have on your steak?

What sauce will you have on you steak? #Peppercorn #BrandyCream #Mushroom#BlueCheese #GarlicButter
The John Barleycorn have a great range of classic sauce accompaniments for their range of steaks. Which will you accompany with your fillet or rump? Peppercorn sauce offers the creamy texture with the kick of heat, brandy cream has that rich flavour that is the perfect addition to a succulent steak or maybe something more textures and wholesome like mushroom sauce is your favourite. If your not a fan of dipping your triple cooked chips in a sauce maybe the garlic butter is more up your street! Some may have a preference for the blue cheese and righfully so, its one of the popular choices. Our steaks come with some great sides and soemtimes the sauce just completes your dish. We look forward to your next visit at The John Barleycorn to find out which sauce you will choose.