How do you like your steak?

Blue to well done are descriptions of how thoroughly cooked a cut of meat is. But what is this based on? Many factors like the colour, juiciness and internal temperature when cooked differentiate them. At the John Barleycorn Harlow Essex we have some real succulent cuts of steaks and we will always ask you how you would like them cooked. There are many sauces and potato dishes to opt too. Maybe you will choose your steak to be cooked a certain way to compliment your sides or wine? Whether you are a well done, medium, or rare meat eater, we can cook your steak to you preference. Ask us about our sides and sauces if you struggle to decide!

Did you know:

Rump Steak: Though it’s low in price, the rump carries bags of flavour and is a great everyday cut. Essentially the backside of the cow, the rump is chewy because of active movement; nevertheless, it’s great when cut into strips for a stir fry or grilled over a barbecue.

Medium Well: Should have only a hint of pink in the meat’s middle. The surface of the meat will be dark brown while the insides will be a lighter shade of brown. Order this if you like your steak warm all over.

Well done: Browned through and through without a hint of pink, and firm when pressed down. Generally regarded as the doneness of choice for those who don’t enjoy steak.